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Universal charger for e-scooters
Universal charger for e-scooters

Universal charger for e-scooters

Reference : UMCHARGER1
EAN : 3303170095997
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This charger is designed especially to adapt to most of e-scooters. The technical characteristics have been studied to be compatible with every devices on the market, while guaranteeing an optimal time of charging, as the constructor chargers. Two inter-changable connectors are included, so as to adapt at every type of terminal. This charger is compatible with the following models (non-exhaustive list) : - XIAOMI® M365, Pro, Pro 2, 1S, Essential - SEGWAY® NINEBOT® ES1,ES2,ES3,ES4, MAX G30 - URBAN GLIDE® 80XL, 85XL, 81 Boost, Ride 100, 61+, 100 Pro, 62S - QILIVE® 8P city Q4863, 8P Q4872 - E-TWOW® Booster evolution S, S+ - MOOV WAY® BW10, EASY, CITY MOOV, B20, i22, SM11 - WAYSCRALL® Kickway E1 - MPMAN® TR100, CS50 - REVOE® Street motion tech 6,5 - WISPEED® T850, T855, SUV1000...


Max power (W)


USB Power (W)

2 connectors

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