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  • What are our recommendations?

    We advise you to carefully check the cleaning recommendations for your screen (generally indicated by the manufacturer). Sometimes a single dry cleaning is allowed, which is a feature beyond our control.
    If there is no contraindication from the manufacturer, start cleaning again with our gel, following the instructions ... from left to right, from bottom to top (avoiding circular movements)
    (We remind you that a little amount of product is enough for a good cleaning, some manufacturers also recommend to clean with a dry cloth beforehand).

  • How to program my remote control?

    You will find on our site the manual and the codes relating to your remote control. Please note that we do not have any additional codes. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our list of codes provided with the manual is not exhaustive, we now manage more than 5,000 codes and we sometimes find compatibility issues.

    The ideal solution is having a code for each device, which is impossible given the multitude of TV and other audio video devices models. We do not have updates for compatibility codes.

    If the automatic search does not show results (please note that the automatic search can take several minutes (20 to 30 depending on the brand)), most likely the remote control does not recognize your device. If this is the case, please contact your store for a warranty return (Our remote controls are guaranteed for 1 year).

  • How do you operate your transmitter?

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Connect the device with the listening sound to the transmitter (USB key, iPod, SD card, etc.)
    2. Connect the transmitter to the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle
    3. Choose a blank channel on your radio (No radio transmits on the wave)
    4. Select the same channel on the transmitter. If your device is an iPod, Mp3, etc., make sure to set it to playback. If you use a key connected to the USB port or the memory card reader, you can control the playback of your files, the equalizer and the broadcast channel from the supplied remote control or from the transmitter’s buttons.
  • How to change the play mode?

    To do this, you must keep the play/pause button pressed for 2-3 seconds (on the transmitter or remote control). For normal playback of all the songs one after the other, keep the button pressed until you see "folder all".

  • Why does the transmitter display "NO DEVICE" ?

    This is quite normal when you listen to music through the headphone jack.

  • How do I use my cable mouse?

    Cable mouse is always used without a driver. Just plug it into your USB port.

  • How do I install my wireless mouse?

    Please note that our wireless mice work without a driver. Here is the installation or reinstallation procedure:

    1. Insert batteries
    2. Connect the dongle
    3. Press the left click of the mouse


  • I lost the code to my vandal-proof cable

    You have two possibilities:

    • Find the code
    • Cut with a hacksaw

    As a matter of fact, we cannot set a standard procedure for unblocking the cable as it could be transmitted to people with bad intentions

    I lost the keys to the vandal-proof cable
    We don’t have an additional set because each cable has a different lock.
    The only solution is to cut it with a hacksaw

  • I lost (or broke) the dongle to my wireless keyboard

    We are sorry to inform you that unfortunately the dongle is unique to your keyboard, once the dongle is lost or broken it is therefore no longer possible to use your keyboard.

  • I lost (or broke) the dongle to my wireless mouse

    We are sorry to inform you that unfortunately the dongle is unique to your mouse, once the dongle is lost or broken it is therefore no longer possible to use your mouse.

  • Only 1 of my earphones works. What should I do?

    Please note that when switching on the right earphone, you must also tap shortly the left earphone twice in order to connect them in Bluetooth.

  • I can't connect my product

    We advise you to configure your wifi by creating two separate wifi networks via your internet service provider. One in 2.4 GHz and another in 5.6 GHz, will allow to connect your product that only works in 2.4 GHz.

  • Urban Moov Signal Vest remote control pairing problem

    Please follow the procedure below:

    1. Switch off your vest
    2. Replace the batteries if necessary
    3. Fully charge the vest (wait for the green light)
    4. Press on/off and left/right simultaneously (20 seconds)
    5. Switch on your vest
  • Interference issue when using my FM transmitter

    We advise you to choose a channel around 10.7.7 because they are reserved for highways and therefore free of all waves.

  • Problems at start-up

    Please follow the procedure below:

    1. Press + at the top right
    2. Go to surveillance camera
    3. Go to another method at the top right
    4. Press QR CODE at the bottom
    5. Enter your wifi
    6. Follow the instructions

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