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IMMERSIVE noise cancelling bluetooth headphone
IMMERSIVE noise cancelling bluetooth headphone

IMMERSIVE noise cancelling bluetooth headphone

EAN : 3303170104491
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Discover the new IMMERSIVE noise canceling headphones by T'nB. A powerful musical experience, which gives us chills and fills us with emotions. The powerful bass of these headphones allows us to feel the music, more than to hear it. Equipped with active noise reduction technology, the latter will offer you the possibility of living an immersive musical experience while completely isolating you from all the surrounding noises which could interfere with the listening of your favorite songs. Enjoy unparalleled comfort thanks to the ultra thick and completely encompassing foams of the pads designed to perfectly fit the shape of your ears. The headset is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology which allows unparalleled sound reproduction and reduces interference with other wireless features such as Wi-Fi. The IMMERSIVE headset is a concentrate of technology with an autonomy of approximately 12 hours, a discreetly integrated microphone allowing you to take your calls directly from your device, as well as a type C charger allowing a rapid charge of your device. Our helmet has a sleek design with vintage metal finishes that fully responds to current trends. A 3.5mm jack-jack audio cable complete this headset, allowing you to listen to wired music to save your battery with all your compatible devices. Unparalleled style, advanced technology: IMMERSIVE Noise Canceling will accompany you in your daily life by allowing you to stay focused on what really matters to you.


Impedance (Ohm)


Frequency band (Hz)

20 - 20 000

Power supply

Lithium-ion battery 250mAh



Magnet diameter (mm)






10m range

Audio jack cable

Bluetooth 5.0

Type C

96 dB

Active noise cancelling