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Green background - INFLUENCE
Green background - INFLUENCE

Green background - INFLUENCE

Reference : INGREENBG
EAN : 3303170103432
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Green is the least present color in the pigmentation of the skin. Therefore, the green background makes it possible to easily isolate the shape of an individual and thus make chroma keys. The green background allows you to film yourself and replace it with any backgrounds. From your studio, find yourself on a fine sandy beach, at the top of a mountain peak or in the middle of the Amazon forest ... With a size of 150cm wide and 200cm high, it will fill your entire field and will not leave any empty area that could spoil your chroma key. Its design in one seamless piece, has the advantage of offering a smooth rendering that can be changes easily via the editing software. On the top, there is a hanging area, in which you can pass a rod and hang it behind you during your shooting. You can also fix it on a wall with thumbtacks. The green background is 100% cotton made and weighs 150gsm, which is ideal for all vlogging, blogging, streaming videos. Thanks to its fabric composition, the green background is foldable and transportable: you can store it and move it without any discomfort or risk of damaging it.



100% cotton





Width (cm)


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