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12" LED ring with tripod for studio - INFLUENCE
12" LED ring with tripod for studio - INFLUENCE

12" LED ring with tripod for studio - INFLUENCE

Reference : INLEDSTUD
EAN : 3303170100462
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This complete pack is the indispensable accessory of your studio, to record your videos at home as a real professional. The 12" light ring allows a uniform light diffusion, avoiding contrast differences and visible shadows. The smartphone support is flexible and therefore adjustable for an optimal implementation. Moreover, the support is placed at the ring centre. The light is therefore equally emitted around the smartphone, resulting in neat and equilibrated brightness from all angles. The light ring has a controller included to the USB cable, which allows you to switch on and off, navigate between the 3 light options (warm light, intermediate, cold light) , and adjust the brightness level. A Bluetooth remote control in included and allows you to control your smartphone and take pictures from a distance. The ring is held by a 160cm tripod maximum, with adjustable angle to have the right height. In addition, it has a 90° rotative head in order to direct the light as you wish. The ring is powered by the attached USD cable.