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TRAVEL active noise cancelling Bluetooth headphone
TRAVEL active noise cancelling Bluetooth headphone

TRAVEL active noise cancelling Bluetooth headphone

Reference : CBTRAVEL2NC
EAN : 3303170092552
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TRAVEL 2 Bluetooth stereo headset with active noise reduction technology and smart touch pad. This new stereo headset features active noise reduction technology to eliminate any noise barriers between you and your music. Discover a world without surrounding noise. At the touch of a button, the noises disappear to leave room for music. Indeed, the TRAVEL 2 headset constantly analyzes the ambient noise to cancel it by emitting an opposite signal. Ideal for frequent flyers, the TRAVEL 2 comes with an airplane adapter and a storage EVA case. Equipped with a smart touch pad, the TRAVEL 2 headset also allows you to cut your music with a simple touch of the hand. This way, be sure not to miss the announcement of your departure or any information at the station, airport or transport! Convenient and comfortable, the TRAVEL 2 supra-aural helmet is foldable and its headphones are rotating. It is equipped with leather foams for long listening comfort. The TRAVEL 2 headset, Bluetooth for wireless listening comfort, also comes with a 150cm nylon auxiliary cable. You can use it even if you do not have battery, or if you are using it with a device that does not have Bluetooth technology. The TRAVEL 2 headset is equipped with a 250mAh Lithium battery, which is necessary for both Bluetooth and noise reduction. The charge is made in micro USB (cable provided), with a range of up to 10 hours listening. A universal microphone, compatible with all smartphones, allows you to take a call while listening to your playlist. The TRAVEL2 Bluetooth headset: your new indispensable companion for your travels around the world !





Active noise cancelling

Input power Max (mW)