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Combo TWS wireless earphones & LUMI 2 speaker white
Combo TWS wireless earphones & LUMI 2 speaker white

Combo TWS wireless earphones & LUMI 2 speaker white

EAN : 3303170099926

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Discover the new T'nB AUDIO Pack for even more sound! Find a pair of latest generation True wireless headphones and a lumy LED speaker, to enjoy your music in all circumstances! TWS earphones give you everything you need to get the most out of your playlists: A sleek design, assured style and ergonomics that provide optimal support. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, they allow you to enjoy extended autonomy and more faithful sound reproduction. Their included charging case will allow you to transport them while recharging them thanks to its powerbank function! The second generation Lumi Bluetooth speaker is an ultra compact 3 watt RMS speaker! With a built-in universal microphone, compatible with all smartphones / tablets / MP3 ..., you can directly take a call from your speaker, and communicate in loudspeaker with your loved ones! Thanks to its discreet buttons, you can directly control the play tracks of your playlist, but also manage the volume, without having to operate your smartphone! Your speaker is equipped with an LED system and lights up in different colors to accompany your musical atmosphere! With its small size, take it everywhere with you! The craziest pack of the year is at T'nB!



10m range


Earphones: Bluetooth 5.0 / speaker: Bluetooth 4.2