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3 in 1 travel kit
3 in 1 travel kit

3 in 1 travel kit

Reference : WCHTRAVEL
EAN : 3303170113851


Universal charging kit. Charge all your devices whether you're at the office, in the car or at home. Thanks to this kit, you will never run out of battery again. It is composed of a mains charger with 2 12W USB ports for fast charging, a 2 12W USB cigarette lighter charger to equip your vehicle and a 3 in 1 USB-C, Lightning and Micro USB cable one meter long. Both chargers feature fast and secure charging, quickly charge your devices without any risk to their batteries. The cable is braided with nylon which provides increased strength for extended service life You can therefore recharge your smartphone or tablet as well as all your small accessories such as your headset, your GPS or your emergency battery. This kit is packaged in a hard case so it never leaves your side. Take it everywhere with you


Size (cm)

6 x 2,5

Input current


Output voltage

2x5V USB - 2.4A

Max power (A)