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Premium Bluetooth FM transmitter
Premium Bluetooth FM transmitter

Premium Bluetooth FM transmitter

Reference : FMCT08
EAN : 3303170106082


No USB port or Bluetooth in your car ? Would you like to listen to your smartphone music and manage your calls easily? This Bluetooth FM transmitter with built-in hands free kit is made for you. Indeed, it allows you to listen to your music and enjoy your calls directly on your vehicle speakers. Simply plug the transmitter into your cigar lighter and switch your car radio's to the indicated frequency. Now you can listen to all of your favourite musics. You can connect your devices to the transmitter via a Bluetooth connection, via an USB drive or a USB cable. The FMCT08 has two USB outputs with one delievring 2.4A, there is alson a 18W USB-C charge port to enjoy turbo charge. You can still use it while your mobile is charging. Thanks to it's control buttons, you can manage your music and take a call in one click. Besides, it offers a frequency auto-scan function. There is a volume setting knob, and a light around the product. You can choose between the different modes: OFF / RED / GREEN / BLUE / APPLE GREEN / PURPLE / SKY BLUE.