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Please find below all the FAQ as well as the answers provided to our customers


Warranty period

What is the products warranty period?
All our products are guaranteed for one year unless otherwise specified on the packaging.

Cleaning products

What are the guidelines to follow up ?
We advise to check carefully your screen cleaning guidelines (most of the time provided by the manufacturer). It may happen from time to time, that only a dry cleaning is needed, this is one element that we cannot control.

If there is no contraindication from the manufacturer, clean again with our gel following closely the guidelines…from left to right, and from bottom-up (do not do circular movement)

We remind you that little product is needed to clean well, some manufacturers even advise to wipe firstly with a dry cloth.

Universal remote control programming…

How to program my remote control ?
Please find on our website the notice and the codes relating to your remote control. Please note that we do not have any extra codes. We draw your attention to the fact that the code list supplied with the notice is not exhaustive, we manage today more than 5000 codes and we notice compatibility failures from time to time.

The ideal solution would be to have one code for each device, but this is impossible considering the number of tv models and other video devices. We do not have any updates on the compatibility codes. If the automatic search does not respond (be careful, automatic search can last several minutes (20 to 30 according to the brands)), we can conclude that the remote control does not recognize your device. If so, we invite you to contact your shop and make a return under warranty (our remote controls are guaranteed for one year)

FM transmitter operating mode

How to make the transmitter work ?
Please find below the various steps :

1/ Plug the device with the sound to be listened to (USB key, iPod, SD card…) on the transmitter

2/ Set the transmitter onto the cigar lighter plug of your vehicle.

3/ Choose a free channel on your radio (no radio emits on this wave)

4/ Select this very same channel on the transmitter. If your device is an iPod, MP3… please make sure to select the lecture mode. Si you are using a key connected via an USB plug, or a memory card reader, then you can control your file lecture, equalizer and broadcast channel with the supplied remote control or with the transmitter keys.

FM transmitter interferences

How to avoid interferences ?
You must find another free chanel.

FM transmitter : lecture modes

How to change the lecture modes ?
To change the lecture mode, press the play/pause key for 2/3 seconds (on the transmitter itself or on the remote control) For a normal lecture of all the songs one after the other, keep on pressing the key until obtaining « folder all ».

FM transmitter : display of the mention « no device »

Why does the transmitter display « no device » ?
This is perfectly normal when you listen to the music via the jack plug.

Questions about our the security cables

I have lost the security cable code ?
Only 2 solutions exist : - Find back the code - cut the cable with a hacksaw
As a matter of fact, we cannot implement a procedure to unblock the cable as it could be fall into wrong hands.
I have lost my security cable keys?
We do not have extra key as each cable has a different lock. The only solution is to cut the cable with a hacksaw

Mouse with wire : how to make it work ?

My wired mouse operating mode.
Wired mice always work without driver. Just plug it in to your USB port.

How to buy our products?

Where and how buy our products ?
Our products are available at our partners’, food and specialized stores, but also through the on-line stores. You also have the possibility of ordering our products via our contact form.

How to find the product reference:

The product reference is generally located: :

  • On the etiquette under of behind the packaging
  • On the jack cable for products as earphones and headsets
  • On the power supply cable
  • In the battery compartment