For almost 30 years, T'nB SA FRANCE has been designing and selling intelligent accessories, anchored in the daily lives of millions of consumers.

In an increasingly complex digital world, T'nB brings technical and creative product designs, along with recognized quality and safety requirements.
T'nB SA France is a highly demanding company, which is at the heart of its success. Beyond the normative and regulatory requirements, every step of a product, from design to marketing, is subject to rigorous monitoring, with numerous controls along the way.
Technological advances push the boundaries of what's possible: from the mobile phone of yesterday to touch screens and virtual reality of today, towards the inventions of tomorrow…

T'nB SA France has built its development on its technological and industrial know-how. Combining technological power, unbridled creativity and a keen sense of design, over the years T'nB has been able to anticipate trends, modes and uses in order to satisfy the most demanding consumers.
T'nB SA France is one of the few French brands that has been innovative and successful in its sector for nearly 30 years. With its integrated logistics subsidiary, T'nB has an exceptional logistical tool, of international scope.
The protection of the environment is at the heart of our sustainable development policy. Our head office, located in Provence in an eco-responsible building, meets high criteria of ecological requirements. We always prefer recycled and biodegradable materials to develop our products. Our teams are also committed, through their actions, to respect and constantly promote our responsible social and environmental policy.

How to find the product reference:

The product reference is generally located: :

  • On the etiquette under of behind the packaging
  • On the jack cable for products as earphones and headsets
  • On the power supply cable
  • In the battery compartment